While it is possible to use a cell phone for scanning, this might not be your best option. The amount of documents you have will determine whether this method is efficient for you. An advisor can connect with you to discuss what your best options are.

Please note that our technical support team does not offer any assistance for this type of scanning.

Yes, during the installation process, our team is responsible for integrating your last year’s data into Aleop so you can have results to compare to right away.

We are all at different levels when it comes to technology. The time it takes for users to familiarize themselves with Aleop changes from one person to another. However, we can assure you that the more time you spend on the software, the more and the faster you will learn. Our advisors and support team are always here to assist you and answer your questions.

Once you have mastered your new work routine, you will spend up to 50% less time on your documents.

Currently, Aleop synchronizes with accounting softwares Acomba and SigaFinance, but other softwares will also be compatible soon. Subscribe to our newsletter to be one of the first to find out about new products.

Yes, Aleop is supplementary to your accounting software. In fact, its addition saves you time as you no longer need to enter your invoices manually or transfer data into your software as an accounting entry.

You don’t need to know everything about accounting to use Aleop. It simply allows you to do the accounting of your business. All while saving you time, putting your paperwork in order, and showing your finances to you.

Aleop is for all business owners who wish to make their accounting more efficient and use the Acomba or SigaFinance softwares. The addition of Aleop really is an advantage to companies that have a volume of at least 200 annual transactions.

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