Aleop - Fonctionnalités
Captation des données
Aleop - Fonctionnalités
Secure document filing

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Work as a team


Automate your accounting data entry and analyze your results in real time

Optimize the selection, filling, sharing, and use of your company’s data with Aleop. Put an end to time consuming and repetitive tasks. Make better business decisions today with a real-time overview of your company.

Gain time by automating your accounting data entry

Aleop connects with your accounting system and converts all collected data into a complete ledger entry. All to make your life easier and more efficient.

Avoid repetition and manual data entry with quick scanning, intelligent data recognition, and self-directed learning.

Captation des données

All your electronic statements, reports and invoices will be found in Aleop within seconds.

Send your accounting documents directly from your emails to Aleop.

Intelligent data recognition

Aleop automatically reads the data on your documents with a degree of detail never seen before, thanks to the optical character recognition.

It learns from your actions and becomes more intelligent each day so you no longer have to deal with manual entry and repetition. The only thing left to do is authenticate with a few clicks !

Automatic transfer to your accounting software

Aleop connects to your accounting system to convert all collected data into a complete ledger entry.

It improves your work routine, without replacing your software, by simplifying multiple steps, and takes care of the synchronization to SigaFinance or Acomba.

Instantly find documents that you need when you need them

No more boxes full of bills. Your documents are automatically sorted by financial year and supplier through a secure filing feature that is accessible from anywhere. This intelligent search tool allows you to retrieve any document within seconds.

Secure document filing

The security of your data is a priority. All information is encoded and saved according to the recognized security standards and it remains your property.

Intelligent search

There is no need to know the file’s name; Type a keyword and let the search engine do the rest! You can also filter your search by supplier, time period, and expense category.

Getting your hands on a file has never been so quick!

Make better business decisions with real-time financial results

Base your decisions on your data and not intuition. Aleop’s dashboard offers you a clear real-time picture of your finances in the blink of an eye. It is you who chooses the indicators that are most relevant to your business.

Real-time dashboard

Thanks to the cooperation of Aleop’s data processing and your accounting software, your financial indicators are continuously fed. Measure the impact of your daily decisions and adjust them according to results available in real-time.

12 months overview

Benefit from a retrospective view of the last 12 months without waiting for the end of the fiscal year.

The observation of trends throughout the years also allows for better projection and better decision making

Personalized indicators

Aleop gives you the possibility to create your own indicators in addition to those already available to you. Follow the progression of elements that are relevant to you.

Work as a team

Give your team members access to your account. Your accountant, partners, or advisors will have access to all your information and be able to better assist you with bookkeeping, end of fiscal year, and daily management tasks.

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