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Focus on your production when you simplify your accounting with SigaFinance SigaFinance

Aleop works with SigaFinance to meet your small or medium-sized business needs. Automate your accounting entry, say bye to repetitive tasks, and get a financial picture of your agricultural business in real-time.
Transfer your documents

Transfer your documents and invoices to Aleop. Thanks to the unique character recognition technology, all useful information such as the items, their description, quantities, amounts, and other, are automatically read for you.


Everything is already in your Aleop account and just needs to be approved in seconds. As you use it, the software learns from your actions and automatically associates items to the right account.


Aleop synchronizes with SigaFinance and converts all collected data into a complete entry in the general ledger or in your supplier accounts.


Aleop retrieves your data and portrays information on sheets and indicators that are easy to read. It gives you access to records from the past 12 months so you can have a clear picture of your business and better plan your development strategy.

Femme souriante assise à son bureau

Get a 360-degree view of your results without having to manage any data entry

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Production specific indicators

Aleop has teamed up with key players in the agricultural industry to create technical-economic indicators that are specific to your production. Analyze your results with dairy, pork and, soon, ornamental horticulture indicators.

Electronic data Interchange (EDI)

It may sound complicated, but it is actually very simple. EDI creates a bridge between your supplier and Aleop that allows you to funnel invoices directly to your Aleop account. Put an end to lost mail and bill piles on your desk.

One click away from all your documents

Your business account and all the paperwork is simplified to go digital. You have access to a secure storage space that is accessible from anywhere. No more need to navigate several browsers at the same time. All of your documents are found on your AgExpert account or on the file folder.

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Ronchonnerie Farm

« La gestion de 6 entreprises dont 4 dans la production porcine et une dans la canneberge sont très prenantes en plus de la gestion des ressources humaines.

J’envisageais d’engager une ressource pour m’aider dans la comptabilité. Avec Aleop, j’ai libéré au moins une journée et demie dans la semaine! »
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