Aleop for chartered accountants
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Automate your bookkeeping and automatically transfer entries to AgExpert

Go digital with two web-based software programs, Aleop and AgExpert. Your accounting entries are sent instantly, without needing a backup copy. Optimize your processes and see your results faster.
Transfer your documents

Transfer your documents and invoices to Aleop. Thanks to the unique character recognition technology, all useful information such as the items, their description, quantities, amounts, and other, are automatically read for you.


Everything is already in your Aleop account and just needs to be approved in seconds. As you use it, the software learns from your actions and automatically associates items to the right account.


Aleop synchronizes with SigaFinance and converts all collected data into a complete entry in the general ledger or in your supplier accounts.


Aleop retrieves your data and portrays information on sheets and indicators that are easy to read. It gives you access to records from the past 12 months so you can have a clear picture of your business and better plan your development strategy.

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Get a 360-degree view of your results without having to manage any data entry

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Delegate data entry

Aleop acts as an administrative assistant saving you valuable time on tasks with very little added value. The optical reader deciphers the accounting documents and rewrites all their information in the form of an accounting entry to then be transferred automatically in AgExpert.

Access your results and documents from previous years

Easily view invoices for the current year. Everything is always at your fingertips with our dynamic search tool. Put an end to searching through scattered documents.

Get your accounts in order

Your business’s accounting and all its paperwork is simplified to go digital. Your secure web storage space is accessible from anywhere. No need to browse multiple software programs. All other documents related to your business are also accessible in your online filing cabinet.

Make your numbers speak

Aleop gathers all your results and transforms them into comprehensive and intuitive indicators. No need to read complicated reports, your finances are presented in a simple and useful way to help you in the daily management of your business.

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