Aleop for businesses

Forget the paperwork and focus on what truly matters to your business

Aleop comes to the rescue of entrepreneurs and their worst nightmare: accounting.

Save time by automating the entry of your accounting data

Avoid repetition and the manual entry of each invoice thanks to quick scanning, intelligent recognition of your data and self-learning.

Free yourself from all the paperwork with our cloud

You are only a keyword and 4 seconds away from all your accounting documents. Free up space by keeping everything in one place and quickly find the information you need.

Make better decisions thanks to complete results in real-time

Your business data is presented on a dashboard in order to assist you in daily decision making. No need to wait for your financial statements to take a shot. Let your number do the talking to make better daily decisions.

Communicate easily with your accountant or advisor

Optimize communication with your team members, accountants or advisor by allowing them to access your Aleop account.

Curious to find out how many hours you can save on your accounting each month?

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