Options and prices

Learn more about each of our options and find out which one is best for you!


To ensure the optimal performance of Aleop, we recommend that you purchase our scanner, which is designed to read/detect the information on your invoices and transmit it to the software. No more manually inputting each item and linking it to the right account.

*Other methods—such as taking photos with your mobile phone—can be used, but we cannot guarantee the effectiveness of the character recognition by Aleop for such methods.

$ 495

Once, upon purchase

OCR licences

Once a document is scanned, Aleop reads the data it contains. To do so, OCR licences are required (one licence per document).

*OCR : Optical character recognition

200 licenses $ 120 
500 licenses $ 260
1,200 licenses $ 600
3,000 licenses $ 1,470

Which block of licences works best for you?

40 invoices per month or more

You need a block of 500 OCR licences for the year.

80 invoices per month or more

You need a block of 1,000 OCR licences for the year.

More than 250 invoices per month

You need a block of 3,000 OCR licences for the year.


If you own more than one business, you can manage all your invoices from one platform and share the OCR licences.


Integration fees are added to the price of each package. An Aleop advisor will help you set everything up, and within hours, you’ll be ready to go!

$ 80

Hourly rate