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The tool that helps businesses collect, file, share and use their data in the best way possible.
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What is Aleop ?


Aleop is the product of 5 years of research and hard work: an innovative tool that simplifies paperwork, automatically inputs accounting and technical data, and generates real-time dashboards.

More specifically, it’s an online platform that hosts your documents in a secure space, accessible from anywhere. Filing and searching for your documents becomes child’s play. Save time on repetitive tasks and, in the end, make better decisions all year round!

You no longer need to wait until the end of the year to see your financial results.


Quick scanning

Thanks to a scanner fully adapted to our software, all your invoices are on Aleop in the blink of an eye!

OCR and EDI character recognition and learning capabilities

Aleop learns over time from your actions, saving you from doing manual inputs and repetitive tasks—everything to make your life simple and efficient.

Secure document filing

No matter when or where, get access to all your documents in one place. Since you can file them as you please, looking for something specific will be faster than ever!

Compatibility with accounting software

Aleop doesn’t replace your current software, but simplifies many steps in your routine and synchronizes bookkeeping operations. You can access all your documents in SigaFinance or Acomba.

Annual financial indicators available every month

Weigh the impact of your daily decisions and make adjustments according to the real-time results. Base your decisions on data rather than on intuition.

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