Make better business decisions with real-time financial results

Base your decisions on your data and not intuition. Aleop’s dashboard offers you a clear real-time picture of your finances in the blink of an eye.

It is you who chooses the indicators that are most relevant to your business.

Real-time dashboard

Thanks to the cooperation of Aleop’s data processing and your accounting software, your financial indicators are continuously fed. Measure the impact of your daily decisions and adjust them according to results available in real-time.

12 months overview

Benefit from a retrospective view of the last 12 months without waiting for the end of the fiscal year.

The observation of trends throughout the years also allows for better projection and better decision making

Personalized indicators

Aleop gives you the possibility to create your own indicators in addition to those already available to you. Follow the progression of elements that are relevant to you.

Work as a team

Give your team members access to your account.

Your accountant, partners, or advisors will have access to all your information and be able to better assist you with bookkeeping, end of fiscal year, and daily management tasks.

Automate your business accounting

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