Gain time by
automating the entry of your accounting

Avoid repetition and manual data entry with quick scanning, intelligent data recognition, and self-directed learning.

Data capture

All your electronic statements, reports and invoices will be found in Aleop within seconds.

Send your accounting documents directly from your emails to Aleop.

Intelligent data recognition

Aleop automatically reads the data on your documents with a degree of detail never seen before, thanks to the optical character recognition.

It learns from your actions and becomes more intelligent each day so you no longer have to deal with manual entry and repetition. The only thing left to do is authenticate with a few clicks !

Automatic transfer to your accounting software

Aleop connects to your accounting system to convert all collected data into a complete ledger entry.

It improves your work routine, without replacing your software, by simplifying multiple steps, and takes care of the synchronization to SigaFinance or Acomba.

Aleop + Acomba

Aleop + Sigafinance

Aleop + AgExpert

Automate your business accounting

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Free demo