Updated on 2024 April 8

L'outil du CEGA: l’intelligence d’affaires en temps réel

Written by
Véronique Dallaire

CEGA: business intelligence in real time

Paperwork and accounting represent a heavy workload of agricultural producers! That is why they need business intelligence in real time. And also why CEGA created Aleop Solutions, a platform that offers a unique online system. Why is it unique? Because it optimizes the retrieving, filling, sharing, and usage of a company’s data. Moreover, the character recognition technology offers possibilities to agricultural businesses that were never seen before.

The platform “reads” digitized documents and detects relevant information (suppliers, date, invoice numbers, amounts, items). Therefore, it can significantly reduce manual data entry and automatically file digitized documents.


Aleop works with the accounting system used by the company to transfer the collected data into a complete entry in the general ledger. You can authenticate the information retrieved, assign accounts to charged items, and confirm the payment method used. Finally, it is compatible with the accounting softwares SigaFinance and, now, Acomba. 

Business intelligence

When it comes to gathering documents, a high performance scanner that digitizes up to 40 pages per minute takes care of all the paperwork. A forwarding address is used for emails. The filling of bills and sales records is then automated, and these can be found thanks to the information retrieved from the document. 

Ultimately, the platform allows businesses to manage the access of multiple users within the company file. It is then possible to generate reports and personalized indicators to monitor the company’s performance in real time. 

An innovative solution

CEGA is the ultimate solution for agricultural businesses that want to optimize the process of accounting administration. Or, for any business simply looking to spend less time on paperwork and more time on analyzing results. 

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