All the answers to the most popular questions about Aleop

How does Aleop work?

Take a look at the Product page to see what Aleop is all about.

How much does it cost?

All the information is available on the Pricing page. The only thing that will affect the cost of your yearly subscription is the number of invoices your company receives. Each document is scanned and the data is read by our character recognition system. That way, you don’t have to manually input every item, description, and quantity. We offer document blocks, allowing you to scan your invoices for a minimal fee.

When Aleop is set up, can I add financial data from last year?

Yes! During the installation, our team can retrieve data from your accounting software to integrate into Aleop, so you can compare previous results with your current year.

How long does it take to learn to use the tool?

Learning to use Aleop will take more or less time, depending on how familiar you are with digital technology. One thing is certain: the more time you spend using the software, the quicker you’ll learn. Plus, our team and technical support are always there to offer training and to answer questions if need be.

Does Aleop have a yearly or a monthly subscription?

To use Aleop, you must pay for an annual subscription. Find out more about all our packages on the Pricing page.

What does the technical support look like?

We offer an unlimited technical support to our community of Aleop clients. You can contact us by calling 1-855-484-4040.

How does the training work?

When you subscribe, we schedule an appointment with you to install the scanner and create your account. Then, we show you how the Aleop system works and answer all your questions about your accounting software. These steps take place gradually, depending on your availability and your learning pace. Once you feel comfortable operating the system, you can book a personalized training session to hone your skills.

What EDI mean?

This is a solution who replace the emails, fax or the papers invoices. You will automatically receive your invoice in your Aleop account. The EDI is a collaboration between our organization and some specific providers. 

What software is compatible with Aleop?

Aleop can synchronize data with the Acomba and Siga Finance accounting software.

How much time will I save on accounting management?

Once you get the hang of your routine, you can spend up to 50% less time on paperwork!

Can documents be scanned with a mobile phone?

Mobile phones can be used to scan documents. However, this method is not recommended by Solution Aleop Inc. at this time. There is an increased risk that documents will be rejected by the optical character recognition system if the photos are blurry or badly framed. For example, photos or documents could be rejected of their quality is too poor. Please take note that our customer support does not offer services related to scan made with a mobile phone. Any photo licences lost due to insufficient scanning quality will not be reimbursed.