Aleop for chartered accountants

Aleop for
chartered accountants

Aleop for chartered accountants

Grow your business and that of your clients by automating your accounting entries

Say goodbye to low value-added tasks and help your clients gain more autonomy.

Aleop helps you save time, manage more clients, and focus on what matters the most: grow their business and yours.

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Save time and manage up to 30% more clients

Optimize your time and that of each team member with scanning, character recognition, and self-learning. Aleop allows you to automate repetitive tasks such as manual entry.

Have direct access to your clients documents when you need them

Keep everything at your fingertips. Put an end to the long waits for outstanding documents and numerous phone calls. Aleop’s filling allows for more efficiency as everything is kept right where you left it. Find what you are looking for, in record time, with our dynamic search tool.

Help your clients see things clearly and consolidate your role as an expert

The Aleop dashboard lets you choose how the data is presented to each client. Line of credit, cumulative revenues, accounts receivable balance. Highlight what is important to your client and make a difference.

Compatibility with SigaFinance et Acomba.

Aleop works hand in hand with your accounting software to offer you a complete solution that answers business needs.


Karina Patoine

Les Consultants Denis Champagne

« Ce qui m’allume c’est d’avoir une pérennité au niveau de l’entreprise, mais aussi d’aider mes clients à avoir de nouveaux outils. Avant Aleop tout le monde m'apportait leurs papiers dans des boîtes : des boîtes à couches, toutes sortes de boîtes. Maintenant, le partage d'information se fait beaucoup plus facilement avec le client et le gain de temps est significatif. »

Curious to find out how many hours you can save on your accounting each month?

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