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Maryse Labonté
Ferme SCH
Co-owner alongside Stéphane Blanchette

Saint-Charles sur RichelieuDairy (525 kg/day) and field crop production

“I have been using ALEOP since January 2018. At first, I was slightly afraid of the ‘machine’, but finally the learning process was smooth and quick. It seemed complicated, but once you assimilate the sequence of steps, it’s a piece of cake!

ALEOP definitely improves my quality of life. I can join in on school outings, go out for meals with close friends—in short, I have more time for myself since the entries are done automatically with the ALEOP-SIGA synchronization. The time spent on inputting data is reduced to a minimum. Some might say there will always be hand-written accounting entries, just like some said barns with robots would still have to milk their cows by hand… The most beneficial feature of Aleop is without a doubt having access to invoices in one click. Whether it’s for your personal information, GST and QST audits or to provide information to the accountant, it’s wonderful. For example, I did a specific search for 2018 and found 5 relevant results, instead of looking through all 57 invoices. With my SIGA copy, the accountant can visualize invoices just like I can. Furthermore, the indicators give us an accurate picture of our specific monitoring requests. For visual people like me, nothing beats having a chart to communicate data.”

Carole Brochu
Ferme Gerca

St-IsidoreDairy (116 kg/day) and maple syrup (3 000 taps) production

“The biggest impact has been on filing. I am no longer burdened by a task I really dislike. At the end of each fiscal year, I used to have a pile about one foot high on top of my filing cabinet! Now, I digitize my papers as I go along, and I don’t have to file them anymore—what a relief! Thanks to ALEOP, I can also benefit from the automatization of accounting entries in SIGAFINANCE. It saves me a lot of time! I had been wondering if someone would come up with an idea to help producers file their documents. It has finally happened!”

Denis Pichette
Ferme Rogyver

St-Jean ChrysostomeDairy (130 kg/day) and cereal (750 acres) production

“I barely have any paperwork left to do by hand, which makes my job easier because that is my least favourite task. I save time because my bookkeeping is done better and because it is effortless to find what I am looking for. My administrative work is better spread out over time—I often felt like I was behind and I didn’t like it. I appreciate the fact that the system is frequently being improved. In agriculture, we are lucky to benefit from ALEOP right now!”

Sophie Morin and Patrick Allen
Ferme Jallen
Dairy production (99 kg/day, 2 milking robots)

For Sophie, in charge of the farm’s accounting:
“I was surprised by just how precise it is! No more entering data line by line when I do my bookkeeping. Aleop does it for me and files my documents! I have no doubt about the significant time savings. Aleop’s arrival on the market was perfect timing for our farm.”

For Patrick, who manages the farm:
“Everything is much faster and more accessible. Aleop complements the other tools we have on the farm. I wouldn’t go without it anymore, that’s for sure!”

William Lafond

St-Paul de Joliette

“Aleop is so user-friendly that even my dog can validate invoices with me!”

Méloporc is a finisher-type business in the swine industry owned by Luc Loranger and Serge Ménard since 1995. Today, the business raises close to 9 000 pigs per year on site and almost 28 000 pigs with contract breeders. With the arrival of a new generation, William Lafond and Kim Loranger, Méloporc wants to set up a more technological, affordable and environmental approach by reducing paper invoices, simplifying management and better organizing their bookkeeping in order to have more precise technical and economic results. That’s why they chose Aleop. By simplifying the bookkeeping, even Marlo, Kim and William’s dog, can participate!

Jessica Massicotte
Ferme Mario Massicotte inc. 
Ferme Massiporc inc. and Ferme Malefa inc.

St-MauriceDairy (63 kg/day), swine (14 000 pigs/year) and field crop productions (600 acres of which 100 are potatoes)

“With three businesses, paperwork piled up in the blink of an eye in the office, and it was taking longer and longer each month to do the bookkeeping. Thanks to Aleop, everything gets done faster and is more organized. In our case, the multi-business option is necessary, and makes management much easier. No need to chase invoices and other documents, everything is in one place and is accessible. Using Aleop allows us to spend less time in the office all while managing better. What more could you ask for!”

Ferme Clerjoye inc.
Ghislain Henri and Sylviane Beaudry

St-Marc sur RichelieuDairy (125 kg/day) and field crop production (250 hectares)

“No more manual management of invoices; ALEOP takes care of it all! If you use SIGA, ALEOP is a must! We love having constant access to our data whenever we want! The indicators are user-friendly and allow us to easily monitor our expenditure items. Aleop; useful whether you are in the office or in the barn! I could no longer go a day without it! PS: long live Aleop ;-)”


Catherine Verville, 
Bookkeeping service provider

“I am self-employed and have been offering bookkeeping services to producers for 7 years. I have been using Aleop for three years now. Many of my clients use it as well. For me, one of the best things about it is that I no longer have to look for papers here and there!

More importantly, I noticed gains in speed and data entry after one year. Aleop remembers everything and files documents automatically. Furthermore, the papers are available at all times to myself, my clients, the accountant, the account manager, or any other person who needs to access them. In just a few clicks, I can find what I am looking for, whether I am in the office or on the go. With the mobile app, it is even easier. 

In three years, I came up with an efficient work method. It can vary for each client. Some only digitize their documents, and I take care of the rest. For others, they digitize and validate their documents, then I take over for the conciliation, tax reports and virtual filing. Sometimes, the client looks after everything and I take over only during the harvest season. It is flexible.

I highly recommend Aleop! It is the tool of the future. Not to mention that with the indicators, you can follow some expenditures items in real time. It’s a very interesting tool that never ceases to improve!

Linda Labrecque, dta
Ferme Desgémo

LeclercvilleAgricultural Management Technician
Groupe Conseil Agricole Lotbinière-Nord
Co-owner with Jean and Antoine Beaudet
Organic dairy production (45 kg), 88 hectares

“I have been using Aleop since December 2016. I was interested in Aleop for management purposes as well as for my dairy business. The immediate benefits of the tool are the instant virtual filing of accounting documents and the easy access to these documents from wherever an Internet connection is available. It’s like having my filing cabinet with me at all times! In my day-to-day life, it makes typing up accounting entries faster and minimizes the error margin thanks to suggested entries. It is also much easier to look up something specific, since all invoice elements are detailed. With the indicators, I can know if I have met or not my targets in the glimpse of an eye. All business associates can access these indicators and various accounting documents. Furthermore, the indicators are presented on a mobile year, which means we can change our course of action throughout the year and not just at the end of the financial year.

As an agricultural management technician, I have been able to adjust my services to my clients’ needs, improve my offerings and allow each client to stay connected in real time to their results and their virtual filing cabinet, where all their accounting documents are stored thanks to Aleop’s artificial intelligence. Once more, the indicators allow me to give more precise advice, faster, therefore making it more relevant.”